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Ravi Chandran - dbX: Scale-out database for Big Data analytics on virtualized hardware
CIOs and IT organizations are investing heavily in three things: Virtualization, Analytics, and Big Data. This webinar describes in detail how XtremeData's dbX software can help IT organizations solve all of these challenges with a scale-out database that performs well on virtualized environments.
The XtremeData technology stack is fundamentally different from all other solutions in the market today. This is generally not readily obvious, since the market has been deluged with buzzwords and very similar-sounding messages from all vendors.
For example, all database solutions targeted at Big Data make the same claims of being parallel, shared-nothing and scalable. But these are broad high-level claims and the true value of each vendor's technology cannot be evaluated without some understanding of the details underneath the hood.
We present some of the key features of our database to help clear the confusion and help you differentiate between the real scale-out solutions in the market.

Recorded on Feb 13th, 2012 | Presenter - Ravi Chandran, XtremeData - CEO/CTO