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Boulder BI Brain Trust - Current and Future State of Data Warehousing and Analytics
Current and Future State of Data Warehousing and Analytics with the Boulder BI Brain Trust
Panelists from the BBBT: Claudia Imhoff, Lyndsay Wise, Shawn Rogers, Brad Cowdry, Merv Adrian, Mark Madsen, and John Myers
Hosted by XtremeData, Inc, the featured presenter is Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., President and Founder of Intelligent Solutions, Inc. a DW & BI Consultancy. Claudia has co-authored five books on these topics.
XtremeData started the session with a brief overview of the dbX technology, and then handed the baton over to Claudia and the BBBT Members who discussed the following topics:

Discussions on the current state of the Data Warehousing market and where companies stand on the maturity curve for DW/BI:
  • Approximate size of Data Warehouses
  • Number of users
  • The criticality of Data Warehouses and the required SLAs
Expected data growth rates and sources of new data:
  • Demographic data, phone & cell data, map & location data
  • Sub-transactional data; billions of sensors creating trillions of  records
Overview of new business applications and new technology solutions:
  • Top 3-5 new trends in warehousing and analytical applications
  • Recommendations to IT users on how to support their business
  • Suggestions for businesses and analysts to take advantage of new technologiesConducting a proper POC
  • Items to look for by category
  • How to check for scalability
  • Vendor tricks to be aware of
  • Q&A session

Recorded on Monday, Dec 13th, 2010 at 11AM CDT