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NP Logo 2011Fri, Mar 4, 2011 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST | Speaker: Justin Magruder, President, Noetic Partners



Gain a Competitive EDGE with Full-Depth of Book Tick History and Analytics
Hosted by XtremeData, Inc, the featured presenter was Justin Magruder of Noetic Partners. Justin is the President and CEO of Noetic Partners. Noetic is a data architecture consultancy that specializes in helping clients with real-time reference data management & architecture, metadata and ETL architecture, transaction processing and data management, and IT strategy.
EDGE is a new product that allows capital markets clients to quickly and easily capture and access terabytes to petabytes of tick and quote history for quantitive research, back testing, and regulatory needs. The agenda for this session was:
  • Architectural Overview of EDGE
  • Features and Benefits
  • Key Challenges with any full depth of book solution
  • Market Data Volumes and Load Needs
  • Access Patterns - Example Queries Demo - See the product live in action
  • We wrapped up with a Q&A session where questions from the attendees were fielded
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Data Warehousing and Enterprise Demand Signal Repository (DSR)

Presenter: Janet Dornekott – Co-Founder of Relational Solutions, Inc.,
Founder and manager of The Demand Signal Repository Institute.

XtremeData was excited to have Janet as a presenter for the 8th session of Acceleration Academy

Slides and Webinar are only available on a per request basis. Please contact RSI directly for material or to schedule a demo.

Topics that were discussed:
Demand Signal Repositories are quickly becoming a necessity in the consumer goods and retail business. Once considered a luxury, it has fast become a necessity for companies in order to maintain their competitive edge.
Learn the value of a Demand Signal Repository (DSR) to the consumer goods industry. Understand how your company or clients can leverage point of sale data and syndicated data to improve internal efficiencies, understand their customers better, minimize costs associated with out-of-stocks and streamline the supply chain process.
We will explain different solutions, clear up confusion on the proper way to architect a DSR and explain the difference between an Enterprise DSR and Team DSR.
A properly designed DSR can provide significant value to many departments within a consumer goods company including category managers, sales people, marketing, logistics, supply chain, forecasting and inventory teams. The return on investment typically is very rapid if the DSR is designed correctly.

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