Cybersecurity Emerges as a Big Data Problem

By TMCnet Special Guest: Jay Desai, XtremeData, Inc.

CybersecurityIn a connected world there are no boundaries. Desk-bound activities such as email are now performed on mobile devices. What once required a personal visit is now be done online (e.g. banking, shopping) – from anywhere, anytime. Access, convenience and speed have created remarkable change in the way we consume and interact. The march to connected-digital is accelerating with our growing dependence. But digital interconnectedness is not for free. Risks of security breaches, data loss, espionage, denial of service, malware, and even more through cyber attacks are both numerous and growing.

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XtremeData Enhances Relational Solutions’ Demand Signal Repository -- Enables Accurate Demand Prediction For CPG Customers

Utilizing XtremeData Relational Solutions Provides Up-to-Date Demand Signals for Major CPG Customers

SCHAUMBURG, IL, August 13, 2013 – XtremeData Inc., providers of the only massively scalable DBMS for Big Data warehousing deployable on premise and Cloud, today announced that Relational Solutions is successfully on-boarding major CPG customers to its production platform running XtremeData dbX.

Relational Solutions is the market leading expert in Demand Signal Repositories (DSRs).  A DSR is an analytic data warehouse that integrates retailer Point-Of-Sale (POS) data and company operational data and enables fact based decision-making on a daily basis.  This daily integration, cleansing and analysis involve complex SQL processing of large volumes of data. 

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Dotomi Selects Xtremedata For Rapid Ingest And Integration Of Data

XtremeData Accelerates Personalized Advertising Provider’s Ability to Generate Significant ROI for Retail Marketers While Maximizing the Consumer Experience

dotmiSCHAUMBURG, IL,  July 16, 2013 – XtremeData Inc., providers of the only massively scalable DBMS for Big Data warehousing deployable on premise and Cloud, today announced that Dotomi, a ValueClick Company (NASDAQ: VCLK), has selected XtremeData dbX as a solution for the ingestion and integration of data.

Through a unique combination of multi-channel data, personalization technology, cross-device access and superior service, Dotomi connects the world’s leading retailers and brands with consumers through one-to-one marketing at scale.  This empowers marketers to deliver a seamless and engaging consumer experience, while generating significant ROI and impressive incremental sales growth.

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XtremeData Collaborates with Rackspace to Deliver On-Demand Data Warehousing
Scalable, High-Performance Data Warehousing for Big Data
SCHAUMBURG, IL  - June 26, 2013—XtremeData Inc.,provider of big data analytic technology, announced today it is joining the Cloud ToolsPartner Program for Rackspace®Hosting (NYSE: RAX), providing a scalable, high performance data warehouse solution that can enable Rackspace customers to rapidly realize value from data analytics.Rackspace customers generate huge amounts of data in managed-hosted and cloud environments every day. XtremeData now provides a readily available solution for analysis that customers can use within the Rackspace hybrid cloud environment. 

RackspaceXtremeData’s product is a scalable, high performance SQL database software engine, deployable on Rackspace hardware. XtremeData offers fast performance for data ingestion, processing, reporting and analytic applications.  It is a scale-out, massively parallel processing solution optimized for analyzing multiple large data sets and supports ANSI SQL standard interfaces to industry standard business intelligence and analytics tools.

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Enterprise Threats: Big Data and Cyber Security

Building-security-300x243Many people are aware of the fact that Big Data has the potential to significantly enhance business and operational processes. Yet, its scalability also has substantial boons for cyber security, the consequences of which can either make or break the enterprise.
Due to the massive quantities and variation of data sources that organizations can process via Big Data, it is now economically feasible to capture, store, and analyze cyber security data for months at a time. Prior to the advent of Big Data technologies, most conventional security appliances could only provide point solutions that filtered data for a single threat such as malware, denial of service, or intrusion prevention – for a matter of minutes.
Organizations can now preserve cyber security data via two means – through the use of a dedicated repository or through sophisticated probing technology (or perhaps both) – and run analytics on long-term patterns and threats that become manifest over time. Thus, they can continue to stream for and deter threats in close to real time and augment that capability with a deeper, profound analysis of more sophisticated threats. If you’ve bet the enterprise on the network and its data, extra security doesn’t hurt.

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