Most database solutions in the market today lack support for multi-tenancy which is the ability to isolate data and resources from different groups of users. Such isolation is extremely important as it is often needed in order to meet today’s confidentiality requirements. XtremeData was designed to natively support multi-tenancy, enabling complete isolation of data and resources. This provides administrators the flexibility to carve out dedicated database systems to meet differing service level agreements (SLAs), and yet manage all systems as a single entity via a single administration tool.
XtremeData supports the concept of "node sets" within the cluster of nodes. This means that a 100 node system can act like a single 100 node system, two different 50 node systems, fifty different 2 node systems, or any combination you desire. The administrator can easily carve up the system to isolate certain users from others. In cloud environments, you can now separate higher paying users (on more nodes) from lower paying clients (on fewer nodes). Both types of users get the same feature sets, but different performance and service levels can be applied based on usage fees.