Dynamic Data Redistribution
Legacy databases were architected to minimize data movement and exchange. This legacy remains in today's market solutions and has manifested as a significant performance penalty when data is exchanged between nodes in a parallel system. This penalty has imposed implementation constraints: data models that are query aware, and data placement that is sympathetic to queries. This has serious consequences and has resulted in large amounts of time, effort and money being expended in developing and supporting one off point solutions. What’s worse is these point solutions are still unable to support newer types of analyses and ad-hoc queries.
XtremeData implements an innovative and highly efficient system for dynamically redistributing data as needed, using industry standard network technology. Data exchanges between nodes occur as peer-to-peer transient transfers at runtime for query needs. The data exchanges are carefully pipelined with processing stages, such that the transfer times on the network are effectively hidden and do not significantly affect query execution time. XtremeData ensures that all joins perform at near the speeds of co-located joins. Dynamic data redistribution eliminates the need for query aware data models and sympathetic placement of data, thus significantly reducing implementation time, labor and costs.
XtremeData allows users to simply "load and go" with any data model and any placement. No longer does a team of DBAs need to fully understand the usage patterns and try to match the placement with queries to obtain performance. XtremeData provides high performance out of the box, at all scales.